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TimeTec Leave is a cloud-based system that handles leave management for all types of companies, be it from a start up company consisting of 20 persons all the way up to a billion-dollar industry comprising of thousand of staffs, TimeTec Leaves manages it all the same. Just by having an Internet connection, you can facilitate all leave proceedings which encompass everything from leave application to approvals and record keeping online. That said, companies could even add or adjust the restrictions on their Leave Policies according to the country's labor laws.

For proficiency even on the go, Mobile Application of the system can be downloaded and installed onto your smartphones and tablets so that both employers and employees can handle the requested leave application respectively all without having to depend on any manual procedures such as administering printed forms.

TimeTec Leave is the next generation solution towards better leave management thus providing companies with the opportunity to save precious time and reduce any unnecessary cost.

Experience the Convenience of Leave Solution Now!

We are pleased to announce that TimeTec Leave is now officially launched! Transform the way you manage your employees' leave and automate your leave management process easily with TimeTec Leave. Use TimeTec Leave App to ease leave application and approval. Streamline your leave management for a more efficient workforce management.

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Improve your Workforce Time and Attendance Management

Apart from managing employee's leave with TimeTec Leave, TimeTec also offers Time Attendance & Scheduling solution with TimeTec TA. Clock time, monitor time and value time in your business with TimeTec solution. TimeTec TA is directly linked to TimeTec Leave for a more effective operation.

Get special discount when you subscribed to both TimeTec TA and TimeTec Leave

TimeTec TA
Keeping Your Team Together

Centralize your employee profiles in one cloud-based tool, TimeTec Profile and use the same data from TimeTec Profile across all your other solutions. Start saving your employee's details in TimeTec Profile now.

Get TimeTec Profile for FREE when you sign up with TimeTec Leave

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